Sunday, January 19, 2014

Growing Up, Well Kind Of

When I took on the challenge of potty training I made the decision based on a few things.  First, Nolan would take off his diaper every time he went no matter what.  I felt telling him to stop taking off his diaper was making him get use to sitting in it what he did not like.  He always told me what he was doing and he really wanted to wear undies.  Troy was leaving to go out of town and I thought starting Friday would work just fine.  Turns out my guy would not even sit on the toilet the first half of the day, on day 1.  He was terrified!  He also thought the running to the toilet was fun and would laugh and say faster.  He did get the telling me part down on going pee but as for #2 we were going no where and that lasted for a long while.  He was terrified to go on the toilet.  After things were bad for a couple days then we would have a bunch of great days and then bad and then he got sick the number 2 kind.  I felt so defeated.  I would never have taken this on now with all the stress we already have this was the worst idea.  Of course, the weekend Mema was in town no accidents not even #2.  And although I already knew he was stubborn the whole "I do it when I want to" is SO Nolan's attitude.  Scary!

As of today he is a whole lot better.  We had big victories and he is going days without accidents but then there are random days when I say what is going on.  The #2 has been conquered for the most part.  He has been sick again and the poor little guys just did so well with running.  I have been so proud of him and he is pretty proud of himself as well.  I could finish this up with pictures of some of the things that happen and the text sent to Troy with this just happened captions under pictures but some of you can't handle that kinda stuff.  But it was bad.  We are done and I know there still will be days but far a few between.  And I am so thankful for the continued support from my mother-in-law and friends and of course my hubby who have kept me sane.  This little booger makes me truly run the spectrum of emotions in a day.  Lord have mercy!

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