Monday, January 6, 2014

Family Christmas {part 2}

then came the gifts...

 the first gift was a rag doll, twin rag dolls that I made
our MOPS group choose to help a family and I made these
 turned out pretty cute
 of course cooking making which 
Nolan seems pretty serious about
 reading the christmas story
 The gifts were things we had put away a long while back which made this Christmas very easy this year.  Honestly when it comes to toys really the kids already have too many and we really wanted the to understand to be thankful for all the things we have and there are so many with so little.
 thank you hugs
 On my list was to make gracie a doll.
Interesting enough she asked for a doll for christmas and was specific about her hair color, green eyes, and a blue dress.  I think she has gotten a little to use to the fact that mommy can make things;)

 true love

 This book was purchased this summer before I had any idea how his love for tractors would grow.

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