Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Celebrating 10

Since January 1st of this year Troy and our family have been apart.  What started off as a short term situation ended in a 6 month interesting trip to get us into the same city.  Our vacation this summer and this celebration of 10 years of marriage are all just so sweet for getting our family back together and working seamlessly again.  Our night out was a gift from the Schenk's including the set-up of the babysitter.  Troy and I so badly need the time out and away from the kids to just be alone with no conversation about finding a rental and what's next on the trail of getting back into the same city.  On this night we got to reflect and talk a little about our thoughts on future.  Most of these have been talked about a lot.  We thought about choosing a place we had never been to but when it came down to the final decision all we want was our favorite.  We loved our food and then headed out for frozen yogurt.

In Canton I barely touched ice cream.  I am an ice cream snob.  It has to be my favorite or it's just not worth it.  But one idea is frozen yogurt.  I love cake batter ice cream when I can top it my self.  Now you must be aware the cup gets quick drop of ice cream and then filled with cookie dough and reese's cup.  So really it's not about the ice cream at all it is about the toppings, the ice cream is just the excuse. My heart is all about Cincinnati ice cream my favorite and the only time I can't say no.
I thought the writing on the tables was a clever idea!

Let's just say our 10 years have been wonderful.  Filled with lots of love and fun times.  Filled with challenges and strengthening of our faith.  We have lived in 3 different states, 6 different places we called home,  3 pregnancies, and 2 beautiful children.  We started in Illinois and it only seems right we are here again. 

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