Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last Happening in Cincinnati {part 1)

Yes, it has been a while so I am going to do a very quick snippet of the last few days in Cincinnati just so I can catch-up to present day life.  All through pictures!

 sweet walks when gracie doesn't want to walk or ride her bike
 one item that has been on my wish list for a while
was to take Gracie to a REDS game, yes I love!
 she loved the food part
 and the Papi part
 and the snuggle part
by the last inning it was pretty chilly

 the school house restaurant down the street was visited 
mostly for the live stock growing up so I took the kids. 
the loved the goats and the turkey that made lots of noises. 

 my twin brothers will be turning 21 this year and 
they sat on this same tractor and had there picture 
taken when they were about nolan's age.
 no i did not get a new car but had a lot of weird things happen in a day that I was supposed to travel to canton for a wedding I was going to be shooting.  I ended up having to rent a car and yes i picked the FIAT.  I was very excited and yes 2 car seats did fit in it and our stuff.  crazy right?!
 once there uncle kyle saved us by watching and feeding my kids.
gracie loved the short time with her cousins!

 nolan trying to be the boss
 gracie's bunny spooning her, so funny!
 trying to get him in for nap and he took off 
across the yard with out his diaper. i have to have
at least one bum picture for future embarrassment!
 gracie loves her pearl
 Nina was driving the hills and gracie did this without
any push her belly was doing flips.
this is super blurry but he loves trying to play basketball

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