Sunday, July 7, 2013

Welcome to Chaos...

I mean Illinois. Yes, our first few days to Illinois cannot be described as anything else except chaos.  The truck arrived and it was unloaded.  As we got to literally the last foot of the truck we found our mattress had been soaked, it had wet stains, and mold growing up it.  The contents that surrounded this area happened to be Gracie's dresser which I loved, our box spring for both queen bed sets, book shelf, and boxes.  Two of which contained shoes, Gracie's baby shoes and Nolan's shoes.  There were a number of other boxes that were moldy but nothing as bad as the shoes and mattress.  I hoped I could just wash some of the shoes and salvage a few memories but there was no way.  I still have documents sitting in the garage that will have to be copied and thrown out. Once the boxes were in the house we noticed these bugs everywhere, it turned out they were spring tail bugs nothing as harmful as bed bugs but still gross, they came from the boxes in the truck, they feed on mold and like water.

The next couple of weeks we slept in hotel rooms, slept on blow-up mattresses, and got things back to some sort of order.  Slowly things are getting back to what I can call normal.

 the happy moment when our stuff arrived
 when the craziness began
one of nolan's shoes covered in black and white mold
we had to document everything with pictures

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