Monday, July 15, 2013

Mommy Date

Gracie and I love our little dates.  This specific one had been a plan since I saw the Monster's Inc preview.  Gracie went once a long time ago to see Kung Fu Panda which she watched some but I wanted to take her to her first official movie on I knew she would love.  She loved it and laugh out load a lot.  It was just s funny to watch how great she thought it was.  Even more interesting was that over 10 years ago I attended the same theatre with friends not ever thinking one day my daughter and I would be in the same theatre.  Anyway we then headed to the mall to take in the Disney Store, both of our favorite places to go, besides out for ice cream or Target.  It was a fun time and she was a sleep in the car before we got home.  I think movie date nights be something new to add.

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