Friday, July 5, 2013

Last Happening in Cincinnati {part 2)

This one get's its own post.  I absolutely love to go camping and I really think it is best with friends.  Our camping buddies moved out of canton a while ago so we have not been camping in sometime but for our last weekend with Troy in Cincinnati we camped out.  We had a full day of out door fun

we took a long bike ride with the kids and had a 
picnic lunch at a park and then headed back
 we then set-up the tent
 the kids could play all day in the tent
 we roast nathan's hotdogs(the best) for dinner over the fire
and then finished the night off with smores and talking
around the fire pit.

 nolan loved the marshmellows
 and he loved the smore....on his head;)
 my worrier did not enjoy getting to close to the fire so 
she stayed back and kept Carson company, there is
a lot of love there!

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