Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Although we are new a very big area we are blessed to be surround by friends we love.  Most of them we won't get to see daily because there is some distance between us we will try as often as possible.  One of our good friends from our University days lives in Wisconsin.  We got to go spend time with them one weekend.  We had a blast, all of us.  The two old guys spent their time on the porch catching up on life, the kids play the whole time without any arguing.  I was not sure how it would go sometimes kids just get a long and most of the time they fight like cats and dogs.  Being both first born girls they did take turns being in charge but they did really well.  The moms didn't stop talking unless there was a questions from the kids or questions about eating.  I did get a couple cute pictures of the kids but none of the adults.  We end up talking so much I just forget.  This is going to be a new priority when I hang out with friends.  I have almost zero pictures of myself and the people I love being with, boo.

 fall of 2010
 nolan's obsession with vacuums continues
he found a vacuum that he took everywhere
and boots we could put on himself. 
 girls checking out their boo boo's
 nolan wanted to ride one of the bikes 
gracie always wears a helmet so he put
one on so he was ready to go
 i think it is time for this little man to have 
his own bike he is practically bagging for one
 the girls having dinner

nolan loved the pool and swing-set

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