Saturday, August 17, 2013

More Fun Friends

Ok so our last part of our summer has been delightful and we have had lots of time with friends.  We even got a sweet treat of going to the zoo with the Long family.  We were missing our usual trip to the Akron Zoo, this made up for it.  This zoo is probably 4 times the size and there was no way we were going to come close to seeing everything nor did want to try.  They had lots of animals.  Gracie and I are the quick observer type.  We look at one animal then on to the next.  Like window shopping, we don't spend a lot of time checking out every inch, Nolan so different.  He liked to stand on the gate and stare forever.  I found myself have to pick him up and then tell him another amazing animal was coming up.  At some point it clicked there were plenty of animals to see but he was very slow.
This zoo also has a sprinkle park area which is great for those really hot days at the zoo.  Our day was not really hot but no matter they wanted the water fun.  There were plenty of kids running threw in there clothes or just a diaper.
One thing I recently mention to troy was how much fun it would be to take the kids to sea world.  I know they would love it.  Well, we got the next best thing and takes sea world off my list for now.  This zoo has a dolphin show that was a lot of fun.  Gracie and Nolan did so well sitting threw the whole thing.

this mama must be so happy to have 4 cute babies
lots of hand holding
splish splash

what a ham
so excited...
dolphin excitement(sorry iphone)
dolphin show

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