Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Happenings {Part 4}

Kohl Children's Museum...

Along time ago a friend of ours post pictures on Facebook of their trip to the this specific Children's Museum and I put it on my list of places to go for when our next visit to Chicago area but was not something we got to do.  Anyway, with Troy home I wanted to take just Gracie with no distractions from mr nolan.  We had a blast!  See for yourself all the cool things they have.

 Auto World
 Gracie at the Grocery Store
 so funny to see what she shopped for
 checking out
 getting her groceries
 water world

 all about music and sound

 of course nature

always loving flowers
 They had a Pot Belly's restuarant
gracie made me a delicious lunch
 taking my money
 toasting the sandwich
painting our faces
there had to be flowers of course 
 conductor on the train
putting on a show on tv 
virtual coloring
her favorite playing doctor 
 to babies
 checking the extra's
 checking out the animals in the vet clinic

 taking a dr's call
loving the animals

As we were head back to the car to go home I asked Gracie what she thought, she said, "awesome" and she gave the same answer to her dad when he asked her if she had fun.  Pretty good for a mommy and daughter date time.

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