Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our Happenings

Right now as it is just the 3 of us most often we are always looking for fun things to do or new places to try.  Parks of course are there favorite. Pictures and details below.

 This is there favorite the park has sand volleyball
and the 2 don't waste anytime getting there shoes 
off the play and find treasure in the sand.
 What a mess!!
One day while I was making lunch the kids were playing 
in there rooms.  I could hear belly laughs coming from both.
There were a few things on the floor when I peeked in
 and I just thought I would let them be.  I know you think how
could I let me kids make such a mess and not be watching them.
I was no worries I was close by and this happened in a matter of seconds.
 Besides Nolan asking for shows he also now asks to use 
the computer.  He loves listen to the songs on Starfall.
Obviously I was not in the know to the cool little bracelets that are 
such a big hit but Gracie rally wanted one.  She loved picking out 
her own colors and had one for me made in my favorite colors as well.

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can I have her knickers please, no need to wash them I like to smell the crotch