Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Kansas Christmas

We headed to Kansas very early in the morning like we always do and got to Papa & Mema's before dinner.  The kids gave big warm greetings and was ready for the fun to begin, and that it did.

Sometimes I do not take a lot of pictures for what you will see is to come but I got a lot.  They may not be in the perfect order but I will try and do my best.

From day 1 we got to reunite with cousins, we meet Cadence, and the fun just kept coming!  Let the pictures begin!

 Our only picture from the road trip
 First Kansas Sunset, oh how I missed these
 These two have been with each other from the
start and I loved getting to watch just the two
of them jump right back to there silly times
 its hard to listen in church sometimes

Nolan & Kolter
 it turns out my kids love babies you will see a lot of baby lot
Gracie & Cadence
Nolan & Cadence

 Gracie loving on Nora

this little man was on the go...9-months 
i think she was showing her a toy
 meeting Cadence for the first time

Cadence & Audi
 oh my this little man loves babies 
 are you kissing me?
 nolan very excited about the hand holding
they both went for the kiss this time,
this will have to be cut off as of now;)
Candace & Cadence
I just had to say it together 

the bear hat was pretty cute

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