Friday, January 16, 2015

Excuse Me

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program about Kansas Christmas to show you a little video that is way past due.  I had a hard time getting the one to upload due to the length but here you go.

Every year I interview the kids for their birthday and ask them a series of questions.  Gracie's went as it always does but nolan's well let's just say you will see my normal day with my little boy who is so silly.  You will also see me try to hold in the laughing so he does not see that he is funny.  I try several times to recover thinking I can just cut out the silliness but I just can't come back from it.  I have tried several times since this to tape him again and he just says the same thing.  Happy 3rd Birthday little man.

Gracie Turn's 6 from Candace Schenk on Vimeo.

Nolan turns 3 from Candace Schenk on Vimeo.

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