Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gillen Christmas

Our next event is the Gillen Christmas.  Lot's of kids running at this one and they had a blast.

 Nolan loves his uncle Marv
 I think the feeling is mutual
 Koen and Jessie
 Mema, Cadence, Breckyn, Kolter

 The Schenk Clan
 Say good bye to Cadence
 she was giving out good hugs
 Gracie and Jessie drawing

Cadence & Aunt Audi
since we all live so far we missing seeing our 
nieces and nephews grow up, I hate this! 

 Mr Kolter was out...
I mean daddy tried to tickle him and throw him
 in the air and he slept through the hole thing
 Cadence cried saying good bye, she is learning how to work it already

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