Friday, January 23, 2015

What Happens in Kansas

Goes to the Blog!!

And since I know most of my readers I felt safe sharing this....Honestly I would put this on Facebook if I got the ok, just because it was so funny.

My SIL Audra makes little music video's all the time.  This past summer she showed me a few and I admit I was jealous I had not thought of the idea;)  Fast-forward to Christmas she was showing them the Kristen and we thought let's make a video, why not, the idea of the video came together pretty quickly.  But we need some items to complete the wardrobe.  Audra and I walked into the local resale store of sorts and asked if she would mind if we borrowed a few of here fabulous fur coats, we explain our use of them and offered cash to be held or driver's license and nope she didn't want a where would this happen.  We took the coats for about 12 hours, serious trust in a small town.  Anyway, we did the video in one shot and then we laughed so hard we cried, well at least I did.

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