Thursday, January 15, 2015


Christmas Day has finally arrived.  We really had a fun time spending time with family and missing them already.

 Mema & Papa with the Grandkids
Sawyer, Sheila, Cadence, Gracie, Nolan, 
Koen, Nora, Randy, Kolter(from left to right)
sorry I took the K-Schenk's with there camera
 opening stockings

 loving there gifts

waiting for there turns  

 Nolan is obsessed with his tools, now he can leave daddies alone

 Gracie loving the Gift Sawyer picked out, LEGO's
ok wouldn't it be cute if gracie wore a tux and was one of the bestmen 
in sawyers wedding?  not sure why this picture made me go their, but it did.

Mema & Papa opening there gifts to a Girls Day out and a Guys Day out, kid free.
I think this maybe have been a gift to ourselves as well;) 

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