Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Yes, I have dedicated and entire post to wrestling but that's what the Schenk's do.  The kids love to wrestle and it is a great way to get out some energy, plus the boys really need it.

Match #1

 Can you believe this one took place with in the first 12 hours together?!
This match was Troy against the kids.

 smile for a quick picture
and go!

Match #2
 Papa vs. Gracie & Nolan
tag team

Match #3
 Schenk's & Gillen's against each other

happy faces=fun times

Match #4
 this might be awkward and it was
that was the point of the this match i believe

Match #5
 Papa vs Nolan & Koen
 these boys are no dummies
tag team again

there the best of friends
there love for John Deere has united them

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