Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Books, Books, and More Books

One of me fall favorites, is the library book sale.  The first of each month the library has a book sale.  This month the month of October it is a book bag sale.  The first bag of books is $4 dollars and the second bag $3.  See my great collect below.
Yeap, 29 books for $4.

This bag is full of books for my grandma, not exactly the kind of books I read so I pushed them into the closet until my next trip to Cincinnati.  This bag holds 83 books, yes I said 83 books, I could not believe it either.  What a bargain!  My grandma buys these books all the time.  They are about $4 to $5 dollars each and I got 83 of them for $3.  What a seriously awesome bargain! Sorry but I am still shocked!

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