Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Decorations

I love fall, the weather, the leaves the smell, I love it all.  This year I went threw the Pottery Barn magazine and just wanted to decorate like crazy.  I did just that, I found about a hundred things I wanted to do but I was not willing to pay for all of them.  So, I settled for a couple of things I really liked.

 my something old, from last year
 something new, what a weird pumpkin that I 
found at the market, and yes it is real.
 pictures to help me remember for next year
 something borrowed, the glass jar with the indian 
corn I saw on someone's blog and loved the idea, 
borrowed the idea and I am keeping it : )
 white pumpkins, so fun
 also borrowed, the twill tied the leaves onto the candle, 
this cost me about 10 cents, way to much in PB 
magazine.  The acorns free from the neighbor.
I thought I would post a picture of Gracie for the people who 
really don't care about fall decorations.  This whole post is really 
for my mom who listened to my fall decoration ideas.

My cutest decoration of all Gracie.  My friend Christina 
found this outfit at church consigment sale.  I am almost 
100% sure it is homemade.  So cute.

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