Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Tea Please

So there is nothing elegant about this tea party but it was the first tea party for 3 that we have had, and we had it on our front porch.  Gracie, served Daddy and Mommy tea.  Although she is not true to the ways of serving English tea she did a pretty good job for a toddler.  I am sure the Queen of England would not be pleased but at least she is practicing.  I can teach her much more as she gets older, since I love my tea.  I will even make sure to teach her how to poke out her little pinkie finger.  Maybe even invest in a hat for a real tea time party:) We will have to see how much she loves it.  She does have a real tea set from her auntie from China and one that was her mom's when she was growing up so she will have lots to practice with.
where should Troy put his big legs : )
I don't think this is correct : )
Gracie is not please with the way daddy pours

what fun
Gracie got bored with tea time and went to checkout the neighbors
say cheese


Jenny said...

How cute! I will have to have Josh read this post, so he knows what he's in for as Eve grows up. :-)

The Burgess family said...

Just catching up: great tea-party pictures, and the pillow post is a hilarious tease! Love it!

I have heard up to age 3 for PB in the magazines and stuff but then our doctors always say that unless there's a family risk, there's not much reason to wait past 1 except for choking. So I went with somewhere btwn 18 months and age 2, similar to what you did with Gracie, and that's worked well for us. Glad she likes it just like her mommy ;)

Cant wait to see you guys at Christmas!