Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When Daddy is Away....

Mommy & Grace Will Play

This past weekend Troy left a day earlier then the team to get some recrutting done so Grace and I had a lot of time to ourselves.  Let me refrase that we had a lot of time together with lots of other people.  Friday night we had a girls night out at Olive Garden and Grace came along.  I think she loved dinner with just the ladies and of course she loved the food.  She hammed up all the attention that was given.  The dinner lasted long enough that we played hookie from bible study and headed home for bed. 

Saturday, Grace played at Christina's while I had a photo shoot.  We then headed from there to May's Farm with our Awana friends where we cooked hotdogs over a fire, and then went for a very interesting hay ride with comentary.  We got to pick out our own pumpkins and walk thru the maze.  It was a blast and we had beautiful weather to go with it.  We headed home where Grace got a half hour to 45 minute nap.  We played, changed, pack & loaded up the car for the next even of the day.  A double surprise party.  It was a fun noght but by the end Grace was wound up, she was on her last stretch of energy, giggly and silly.  We head home for head but first a bath nothing better then carmel in the hair, yuck. 

Sunday we recovered with Troy back and had lunch with friends and sat around chatting while the kids napped.  It was an eventful weekend.  I normally try not to pack them that full but it was a great weekend.
 Gracie cooling off
not very modest;)
 she loves animals
 the hay ride with miss sassy
 picking a pumpkin
 Gracie's new cheese face
 my country girl
 mommy time

 so thirsty
 I turned around and Gracie was eating this tomato like an apple

Happy Fall!

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