Saturday, August 2, 2014

4th of July Weekend Fun

Here are a few more pics from our time in Hillsboro.

 Gracie and Koen chilling in the 4th gear
 watching the parade
 nolan didn't really enjoy catching the candy

 gracie found a friend to help her collect candy and give it out to all the parents

 a few rides for the kids to enjoy

 ok see the purple farris wheel in the back?  Gracie really wanted to ride it so we got on.  The guy told  me if we needed off early just yell for him.  He also told me if I hold this bar it will keep us from spinning so much which is the point of  the ride.  As we started I thought this will be easy BUT it seemed I had no idea what I was doing and we were spinning like crazy.  My phone just kept flying up and down and gracie was screaming...because she hated it.  I had to ask the guy to stop early just so we could get off.  When we got off the family said we never stopped spinning while everyone was trying to get theres to spin.  

 the very large slide

 sticker time

 nolan learning xbox early
blurry but too cute

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