Sunday, August 17, 2014

Road Trip #4 {cincinnati, oh)

Yes, another road trip!  Just think 2 of your trips were cancelled, insane right!  But we were super exited to be off to Cincinnati to see my family.  We missed them and have not seen them in a long time.

Who likes a quite car?  ME!  Loving this.
 Why not make swim time also bath time?  Easy button!

 and they had a blast
 well, until it was in there eyes.

 family time!
 park time
 everyday gracie wanted to take carson for a walk. glad to see 
when she gets her own dog she will be able to talk care of it.
 it was so quite....they were playing with lego's for an hour with hardly any movement
 we all went out for hibachi for our 11th anniversary
 my girl

 wonder where she gets the sillyness?
 nolan was in shock with all the fire

 my little family
 taylor and i
 family ninjas

 11 years baby
 waking up worries it was like noon and he was laughing

 sprinkle park time

 they say it takes a village....well this small village has 
been busy so when we have had the chance we have 
been teaching her how to ride without training wheels

 she took off pretty quickly.  very proud of her but we 
will have to keep up on the bike time once we are home.
 quiet time
 we also spent time with my pregnant friend molly and at her pool.  the kids and I had lots of fun.

 investigating the bugs in the trap
 Meeting Mr. Red for the first time

Gracie excepting his gift of flowers.

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