Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family Week

The week before Troy headed back to work I had put together a list of things I wanted to do and what the kids wishes were, we had a blast. Check out the pictures and our little events.

 A day at the beach complete with sand castles made by daddy
 We also went to Ikea one day on kids eat free Tuesday which I love.(no pics)
We headed to barefoot bay which means we drove 5 minutes.  We had a lot of fun and Troy and I took turns going town the over 4ft water tubes.  I felt like I was 16 again.  The kids loved the lazy river and everything there.  These pics were before the water action.

 On our way out we got a few pics.

 Happy Family
Our next event was to go on a train ride and have lunch for the afternoon.  This was fun.  I have not been on a train since I was in Germany, and Troy when he was in college.  If I worked downtown, I would totally ride the train and watch movies.  Sounds great to me!

 The kids had a lot of fun watching 

and then waiting for the train to pick us back up.  We might do this to go 
all the way downtown for a weekend.  we had lots of fun and it was super easy.

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