Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fun Projects

Here are a few projects I needed to get check off my list of things to do...

Project #1
Bead Jars: This idea came from a friend.  The point of the bead jar is to encourage positive behavior.  Basically you can determine your own rules.  Ours are on things we are working on.  Or say we are out at the store and Nolan has a melt down and Gracie helped calm him by sharing say a snack I could reward her with a bead.  Or if G helped set the table.  Nolan cleaned up all his toys after the first time of asking.  We also take them away for negative behavior.  Once these jars are full they get to go to 5 Below store and pick what ever they want.  Ok you get it anyway I love them!

Project #2
Height Chart:  My friend Sarah makes these and I have talked about having one for a while but we move a lot.  I have seen ones that are on measuring tape that remind me of Mary Poppins.  One day Gracie taped together a bunch of pieces of paper and had me measure her and Nolan.  I thought I would make a real one for her.  I knew she would appreciate it.
Project #3
Summer Stories Book:  I saw this on Pinterest of course and thought of G.  She is always making little books to fill with stories.  I thought why not make her on for her summer adventures.

I sewed it together...yes threw my machine
I added a calendar because Gracie is always asking how long to her birthday or recently she wanted to call Sawyer and say Happy Birthday not even close so I thought would be fun.
 I added a few questions about her summer trips and some coloring pages
Project #4
Porch Furniture: Our neighbors got new porch furniture so we gladly took there old.  It was in rough shape so I spray painted it.  I also found some awesome ugly pillows and recovered them.  I loved this fabric I found it all just came together perfectly and I love how it turned out.  And Gracie will love getting to sit on the porch for meals.  A friend that also move recently gave me there kid picnic table so we are ready for fun.

 love the fabric and love the color of the chairs!
I was able to finish all these projects & more while the kids were at there Mema's.  It's amazing how much I can get down when little ones are away.

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