Friday, August 29, 2014

Bike Riding

I mentioned in a Kansas post and Cincinnati post we had been working on the no training wheels thing.  Well, she has had not training wheels for a while but is very stubborn I am sure you can't believe it.  But she hates me trying to teach her, she believes she should just be able to pick up on anything and just go.  Finally she got frustrated enough she did just go.  One day I was trying to give her a few pointers and she got so mad she stomped her foot said fine I'll do it by myself.  She was so mad she got on her bike and took off.  Yes, seriously!  Troy and I just stood there watching waiting for the moment she would just crash but no she went all the way down the street and back.  She is a full rider but her bike is a little small can you tell?  She has had this one since her 3rd birthday and she will be six in November.  She does use her breaks but it's a sharp break with a skid.  I have been trying to tell her to break slowly and that has not gone well either.  Man she can have a temper, sure your not surprised by that either.

The below are the only pictures and video I have, sorry I was not very good at commemorating this occasion as I should have been.

Troy was trying to get Gracie to say, Gracie riding her bike taught be her mother...something like that but it was all jumbled and I started the video late....can you tell I am a pro:)
Do you love Nolan's jealous attitude?
she does own a helmet and usually wears it but we just totally for got on this ride, I know the importance, I promise!

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