Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Road Trip #5 {Tabor College}

Yes, this is road trip number five for us, just think 2 of our trips were cancelled.

I was recently reading over a blog that I adore Scissortail SILK.  I love her stuff and there are post and situations that she can put perfectly into words that I can't.  She wrote a post a while back about how she had not heard from God in a while and realized it was due to the lack of time she had taken to sit and listen.

There are times in my past I know I have heard from God and felt him speaking to me.  But it has been a while and didn't know why.  I have been praying but when I read the above I felt convicted to slow down, wait patiently, and listen.

I won't go into detail regarding the whys of this trip but I will say that our hearts long to be near family.  We also have longed to be where God wants us and this August showed us two different options and God was so evident in all the little messages he was sending us.  My faith cup was filled with feeling God guidance and just saying that which ever way he leads we will follow.  We just felt blessed by another lesson.

on with pics from our fun little road trip...

we rented a car which the kids loved the bluetooth
they did awesome on the way down.  no accidents, 
lots of books, coloring, and movies
Happy we made it to uncle Jakes

yumm icee's
mine was delish
mowing the lawn

movie time

G got to participate in her first parade.  The
played the song girls just wanna have fun,
 threw candy, and shot water at the on lookers.
she loved it...this girl belongs in a small town

park time
enjoying the parade with Mema
Next time we see Mema and Papa I am recording
the reactions.  This kid is so in love with his family I love it. 
 I don't come from a big family so it is fun to get to see this kinda love.

our little money maker
they won 2nd prize
For memory purposes:  When Marlene and Breckyn showed up at the park, I pointed look there's Marlene and before I could get out the name Breckyn Nolan took off running yelling Marlene's name and gave her the biggest hug.  He then realized Breckyn and hugged her as well.  He really loves Marlene and Breckyn.  It was fun to see him react like that...Gracie was super excited too.  Just Nolan's reaction was so dramatic it was hilarious and he sometimes acts shy when he first sees people he knows.

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