Monday, August 4, 2014

Country Girl at Heart

It's a farmers life to be dirty, busy, and tired.  Have you ever seen the video what does the farmer say?  Check it out on, click here.  We ALL love being on the farm and although Troy says I am a city girl my heart belongs to the country.  I wish I went to school for agriculture.  It's so interesting to me and love all of it.

 We all participated in harvest either by making meals, bailing, or driving one of the machines.
 Headed out on the Gator to meet up with daddy on the Combine
 Nolan Driving!
 My first combine ride with Troy and Nolan.  Can you believe it 11 years later....not sure how I let that happen?!
 These two are in love with the farmers life, crazy right?!?!

 WE heart KANSAS
We took a morning to got to the John Deere store.  Nolan was in heaven and he realized that Brayton worked there...he talks about it all the time.  Brayton got a lot of cool points for that.

Well, their she is, city girl gone country.
 On this very special day {for me} I got to learn how to drive a combine.  Randy took me out for the morning to teach and let me actually run the combine.  He did say I did a pretty good job.  I was then allowed to take the truck back to the house and that night since harvest was done I was allowed to drive the combine home.
My view from my office
I am a little too happy!

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