Wednesday, August 20, 2014

School is Coming

Yeap my Gracie Girl is getting ready to start school and the day this posts will actually be her first day of school.  We are all so excited!  The first day of preschool I didn't shed a tear it was no big deal nothing and she loved it.  BUT Kindergarten, shopping for supplies alone, made me tear up.  And I love shopping for supplies.

 we had our little date of supply shopping, very fun
 most important item folders with princess, she even picked out a spiderman one for her brother
 overly excited
 I have no idea but the is what I got
we were going to order a purple normal back pack and well she saw this princess pals one and she had to have it.  so this is what she will have this year and she is super excited!
she even wanted to carry her bags

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